Since Independence

Since Independence is a reputed media house principally working on the paragon of objective news. We are a team of individuals that are relentless in our efforts to cover news stories with strong news values as well as deracinating the presence of fake news in the country. The media entity is subsidized by Radialrust Technologies Pvt Ltd with its headquarters in Jaipur, India. Having been markedly transformed by the disregard of real issues by popular media, Since Independence endeavours to bring such issues to light and possibly also encourage the masses of India to voice out their concerns, views and solutions to the real issues.
It was founded by Mr. Yogendra Singh Shekhawat and his brother Mr. Tarun Singh Shekhawat in the year 2017 as a venture to curb the surge of fake news and provide the people with news that is unprejudiced. The idea has been to ensure the objectivity in the news so the audiences are able to preserve their scientific temperament and practice media literacy.