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Hello! Shubham Katta Best digital marketing strategist in India . He have rich experience in web site design and  digital marketing strategists also he is good at Project management. He love to talk with you about our unique knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to deliver something of value to people.

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I’ve become a skilled digital marketer because of the six years of working experience. I have various skills that are related to this field. I’ve gained profound knowledge and learned unique techniques to become an expert in digital marketing.

I’ve also worked with many international companies and made them happy with my providing services. And those are:

  1. Used my organization skill and connected with the customers also.
  2. Negotiated with the clients and sponsors and convinced them to show the interest of my project.
  3. Organized, trained and built an excellent group fill of experienced people.
  4. Created innovative ideas and made the flop projects successful. I think it’s the most powerful skill of mine.

My ranking rate is also high and I’ve also got amazing feedback from my previous clients in comparison to other digital marketers. That’s why I’m the best in this field.

If you are visiting my profile and feel interested in working with me, then feel free to contact me through email. I’m always available on the internet.


  • Residence: INDIA
  • Freelance: Available
  • Phone: +91- 9529382929
  • E-mail:


What I Do
Plan and Develop the Project Idea

Ideas usually come from the need. You must have a BIG problem then your idea comes to solve it. Thus, the idea should be an innovative one.

Digital Marketing
& Digital Advertising

I'll plans, develops, and implements online marketing campaigns that promote your business by drawing traffic to your website and expanding your customer base.


I’ll keep your website updated and well-maintained. You’ll get regular backups and reports. Content and design updates keep your site fresh and focused while online marketing strategies ensure that customers discover your business online


In project management involves the planning and organization of a company's resources to move a specific task, event, or duty towards completion. It can involve a one-time project or an ongoing activity, and resources managed include personnel, finances, technology, and intellectual property.


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Core Skills

  • 90%

    WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to host and build websites. WordPress contains plugin architecture and a template system, so you can customize any website to fit your business, blog, portfolio, or online store

  • 75%
    Google Tag Manager

    Google Tag Manager is a tag management system (TMS) that allows you to quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments collectively known as tags on your website or mobile app.

  • 85%

    Javascript is used by programmers across the world to create dynamic and interactive web content like applications and browsers. JavaScript is so popular that it's the most used programming language in the world, used as a client-side programming language by 97.0% of all websites

  • 80%
    Google/Bing Web Master Tools

    Webmaster Tools is a sweet suite of  SEO tools that provides data and configuration control for your site in Search Engines.

  • 95%
    Ads Manager

    Ads Manager is a tool that lets you create and manage your  ads. You can view, make changes and see results for all your campaigns, ad sets and ads.

  • 90%

    Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights. 

  • 90%

    SpyFu is a keyword research and competitive intelligence tool that is used by digital marketers to improve their performance in online search. 

  • 90%

    Ubersuggest allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.

  • 90%

    Ahrefs is an SEO software suite that contains tools for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking and site audits. Most of the features inside of Ahrefs are designed for marketing professionals. 


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